Spear has released two new study club modules focused on two critical keys to practice growth and success: clinical photography and well-planned comprehensive cases. 

dental study clubs photography

In "Fundamentals of Clinical Photography," Dr. Darin Dichter introduces viewers to the fundamentals of clinical photography, from patient communication to treatment planning to sharing cases with the rest of the club. This module highlights clinical photography as an essential tool for interdisciplinary treatment planning and communication.

A​dditionally, in an effort to enhance engagement among club members, this module is designed to encourage each club member to bring in cases and photos to discuss.

After completing this module, Study Club members will be able to:

  • Understand the impact of clinical photography on patient engagement  
  • Understand the images necessary for restorative treatment planning 
  • Understand steps for implementing photography in practice

"Maureen - Phasing a Well-Planned Comprehensive Case" is a re-release of one of Spear's early modules. In it, Dr. Jeff Bonk treats a 67-year-old woman who presents with a deep bite and significant wear with compensatory eruption in the anterior resulting in a "stepped bite." She is missing teeth and has generalized mild to moderate recession.

This module is categorized as moderately complex because because Maureen refused orthodontics after the initial workup and then insisted that she only wanted segments of the proposed treatment plan done.

Through this module, Study Club members will be able to:

  • Realize the importance of treatment planning an entire case for a predictable result 
  • Understand the need for proper record taking to study the case effectively for achieving success 
  • Recognize the importance of phasing treatment

Study Club members will be eligible for three continuing education credit hours for each module they complete.