Spear has released three new Patient Education videos to help patients understand the causes, symptoms and treatment of dental tumors, chipped teeth and root fractures. 

root fracture patient education

The first, Dental Tumor, describes the origin, progression and symptoms of both malignant and benign tumors. Patients will learn some common signs that may signal the development of a tumor, including jaw pain, lumps on the jaw, swelling and unexplained tooth mobility. They will also understand the difference between benign and malignant tumors. 

Trauma - Chipped Tooth explains what patients should expect when they chip a tooth and urges them to see their dentist as soon as possible so an X-ray can be performed to rule out any imperceptible injury. 

The last video, Trauma - Horizontal Root Fracture, will help patients understand what is happening beneath the surface of their gums when they obtain a horizontal root fracture. The video explains that such fractures consist of a tooth being completely separated from the root pulp, and notes that treatment can vary based on the nature and location of the injury. Patients will also learn that, while there are some things that may alert them to root damage, a full diagnosis must be made by their dentist. 

These 3-D animated videos give patients a very detailed visual frame of reference with a set value proposition, allowing the treatment conversation to start on the right foot. 

Patient Education resources are currently available to members with Spear Online access.