Spear has released a new curriculum introducing viewers to the basics of pediatric dentistry. This curriculum includes 5 courses: "An Introduction To Pediatric Restorative Dentistry," "Behavioral Considerations for Pediatric Patients," "Diagnosing, Treatment Planning, and Sequencing Pediatric Patients," "The Pediatric Dental Exam" and "Essential Procedures For the Pediatric Patient."

pediatric dentistry
Pediatric dentistry is a unique clinical pursuit that differs in many ways from treating an adult population. The Introduction to Pediatric Dentistry pathway is designed to give clinicians who are interested in growing their practice through inclusion of pediatric dentistry an introduction to key knowledge areas and considerations related to treating children. Learners will develop an understanding of overall philosophy of treating children, behavior management strategies for both the child and the parent, diagnostic factors, exam protocols, and the techniques involved in performing basic pediatric restorative care.
After viewing this curriculum, viewers will be able to:
  • Understand the overall philosophy of treating children and how pediatrics can be a rewarding pursuit
  • Understand the basics of behavior management for pediatric patients and their parents
  • Understand how to define a process for diagnosing and treatment planning pediatric patients
  • Understand how to conduct a pediatric clinical examination
  • Understand how to perform techniques for basic pediatric restorative procedures