Spear has released three new Patient Education videos to help patients understand the causes and consequences of dental cysts, endodontic abscesses and general tooth pain.

dental cyst patient education

The first, Dental Cyst, explains the potential causes of cysts as well as symptom progression, noting that many patients not feel any pain or discomfort at all until the cyst becomes larger. Patients will also understand that leaving a cyst untreated could lead to a weakened jawbone, spread of infection and development of an abscess. 

Endodontic Abscess will help patients recognize the signs of a potential abscess, including fever, swelling, trouble chewing and persistent toothache. Patients will understand what an abscess is and the critical importance of getting it treated as early as possible.

The third video, Causes of Tooth Pain, explains a few of the underlying conditions that could potentially be causing patients' tooth pain, including cavities, tooth wear, cracks or greater systemic issues. 

After watching these videos, your patients will know how critical it is to seek hasty diagnosis and work closely with you to determine causes and best treatment plans for their condition. They will also better understand how to recognize signs of cysts and abscesses, what could happen if left untreated and potential causes of tooth pain. 

These 3-D animated videos give patients a very detailed visual frame of reference with a set value proposition, allowing the treatment conversation to start on the right foot. 

Patient Education resources are currently available to members with Spear Online access.