Spear has released a new Study Club module focused on biologic width violations, over-prepared teeth and legal considerations when taking over a case mid-treatment. ​

biologic width violation and overpreparation of teeth

In "Emily - Biologic Width Violations, Over-prepared Teeth and Legal Considerations in Taking Over a Case Mid-Treatment," Dr. Courtney Lavigne discusses the legal, esthetic and restorative challenges faced when a 59-year-old patient presents with unesthetic temporary restorations. 

Emily had recently undergone over two years of orthodontic treatment when she came to Dr. Lavigne. Her chief and initial complaint was that her previous dentist had prepared her front teeth for Cerec crowns but that the "machine broke." When her unesthetic temporaries were removed, Emily's over-prepared teeth and biologic width violations were revealed. 

Through this module, Study Club members will learn how to:

  • ​Handle anterior esthetics on an emergency basis
  • Develop communication strategies for difficult conversations
  • Manage biologic width violations in the esthetic zone