Spear has released three new patient education videos to help patients understand the basics of equilibration, centric relation and healthy occlusion. 

centric relation patient education

The first, Equilibration, explains the significance of a properly functioning chewing system as well as the steps and techniques that comprise the equilibration process. 

Centric Relation will help your patients gain a clear understanding of the complex factors that comprise a healthy chewing system and what to expect if this system needs to be fixed. 

The third video, Healthy Occlusion, describes the multiple factors that comprise a healthy bite and the consequences of neglecting treatment.

After watching these videos, your patients will know how critical it is to work closely with you to determine best treatment for their unhealthy bite based on their symptoms and the severity of their condition. They will also have a better understanding of the process of equilibration and the techniques used to treat centric relation and unhealthy occlusion. 

These 3-D animated videos give patients a very detailed visual frame of reference with a set value proposition, allowing the treatment conversation to start on the right foot. 

Patient Education resources are currently available to members with Spear Online access.