Spear has released a new curriculum on medical billing in the dental practice. This curriculum includes three courses: "Introduction to Medical Billing in the Dental Practice," "Preparing Medical Billing Claims Documentation" and "Application of Medical Billing Concepts."

medical billing pathway

The purpose of the Medical Billing in the Dental Practice pathway is to provide the clinician with the foundational knowledge and core concepts of medical billing, including: what medical billing is, how medical billing works, the types of services we render that are appropriate to bill to medical insurance, and a basic understanding of medical billing codes. These courses are intended for health-centered dental practices to view treatment they render in the context of treating the whole patient, and how can they be appropriately compensated for these services.

After going through this curriculum, viewers will be able to:

  • Overview of the basics of medical billing and the medical mindset
  • Learn the basics of ICD-10 and CPT medical billing codes
  • Receive detailed instructions on completing medical billing claim forms
  • Understand the pre-authorization process for medical procedures
  • Apply medical billing concepts using sample patient scenarios