the orthodontic-restorative connection

Spear has released two new courses on the tie between orthodontics and restorative dentistry. The two courses are just part of the new “Orthodontic-Restorative Connection” curriculum.

The first of the new courses is “Introduction to the Orthodontic-Restorative Connection.” In this course, Dr. Ricardo Mitrani teaches viewers the necessary steps to provide the best comprehensive care for the patient as well as how to eliminate potential mistakes of overlooking critical system components.

In the second new course, “The Orthodontic-Restorative Connection: A Framework for Interdisciplinary Treatment,” Mitrani returns to teach viewers how to follow a proper framework that allows their team to effectively and efficiently provide the best possible treatment plan for their patient.

The other courses in the curriculum include “Ortho vs. Restorative to Correct Malaligned Teeth – Six Key Questions (Part 1)” and “Ortho vs. Restorative to Correct Malaligned Teeth – Six Key Questions (Part 2)” as well as the team meeting “Why Orthodontics for Adults?”

After completing this learning pathway, viewers will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of having a planning system in place for comprehensive care using orthodontics
  • Understand how to create a shared vision and optimize communication in orthodontic-restorative cases
  • Understand the criteria for considering orthodontics in esthetic cases
  • Educate the dental team on the benefits of orthodontic treatment for adult patients