multiple implant case

Spear released new Study Club module focused on occlusion and implants.

In “Janelle, Part 2 - Biomechanical Considerations in Multiple Implant Cases,” Dr. Steve Ratcliff dives deeper into the complexities of this multiple implant case, especially occlusal considerations. Implants behave differently than teeth so how does the clinician, both surgical and restorative, need to plan and prepare for long term predictable success?

This module discusses the implications and considerations for restoring cases like this, and reinforces why pre-treatment planning is critical.

Through this module, Study Club members will:

  • Understand how implant position and location affects esthetics and function in a case
  • Understand current thinking on occlusal overload
  • Understand parameters for effective occlusal schemes on implant-supported restorations

Study Club members will be eligible for three continuing education credit hours for each module they complete.