fixed hybrid case figure 1


Spear released a Study Club module focused on moderately difficult implant restorations.

In “Maru – The Fixed Hybrid Case: Simplifying the Complex,” Dr. Ricardo Mitrani discusses the case of a patient who has worn conventional dentures for about 10 years. While she is happy with the upper prosthesis, Maru really dislikes her lower prosthesis. She also has stated that she has financial concerns. She wants something in her lower arch that doesn’t move, but she has to be careful of costs.

This module walks through the process of evaluating a patient for different alternatives for a lower prosthesis that is implant assisted/supported, and then through the process of creating that restoration as well as choosing a restoration that can be cost-effective.

Through this module, Study Club members will learn:

  • Understand managing an edentulous arch with a fixed hybrid prosthesis
  • Understand the relationship between the shape of the mandibular arch and AP spread
  • Understand the conversion process of a lower denture to immediately load implants

Study Club members will be eligible for three continuing education credit hours for each module they complete.