Restorative dentistry is replete with procedures that are done so routinely that we adapt to the conveniences and inconveniences of the materials and delivery systems. If you are fabricating indirect restorations with an outside laboratory, a bite registration will need to be made. For years I was frustrated at times with how the material did not stay where I placed it. More times than I ever want to admit, the material would sloop down…fall off the occlusal surfaces and make a thin messy recording. The cylindrical nature of the dispensing tip required one being precise in its placement so that the material went where I wanted it to. I found myself too many times, wiping it away and starting over.

I have found that applying this “ribbon” tip to the cylinder will allow the material to flow out in a wide ribbon form and stay just where I want it to. It is still necessary to dry the teeth but the width of the ribbon is ideal for molars and I more readily will capture the entire occlusal surface. The tips are manufactured by Mydent International (called Defend) but your dental supplier will have them.

If you struggle with that happening when you make a bite registration, try a sample of these and see if it will make a difference in the ease of your recordings. I think you will be as I was ... delighted with the result.

bite registration 1

bite registration 2

bite registration 3

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Mary Anne Salcetti, DDS, PC, Spear Visiting Faculty