Utilizing rechargeable batteries in the dental office can be a great idea- especially for the flash systems used with dental photography. One problem that does come up though is how to manage all those batteries.

I’ve found that if I simply keep the batteries together in groups of either two or four it makes life easier. The batteries can be held together with something as simple as a rubber band.

In addition, I can keep “batches” of batteries together. Rechargeable batteries can’t last forever and if one battery, or group of batteries is wearing out this system makes it easier to locate the battery group that isn’t working.

Another tip is whenever I get a new set of batteries I’ll mark the month and year on the battery with a permanent marker. This way I’ve got a reference for the age of the battery.

Implementing photography into a clinical practice requires creating new systems or revamping existing office systems. Identifying details like battery management will help ensure that the camera is ready when it’s needed. I hope these tips help keep your rechargeable batteries off the to-do list and back into a system that supports using photography in the dental office!

Darin Dichter, D.M.D., Spear Faculty and Contributing Author


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