course announce 3.17Excessive, uneven or asymmetrical gingival levels are not uncommon in the restorative practice. The etiology and treatment options can be confusing, often leading to no treatment, inappropriate treatment, or unpredictable treatment. This course will review the 6 key questions to help identify etiology, treatment options, and compromises, as well as document a case from treatment planning to completion, utilizing the 6 questions.

In this new lesson, Ortho Vs. Restorative to Correct Malaligned Teeth - Six Key Questions (Part II) , Dr. Frank Spear sheds light on how to decide if a patient needs orthodontics, or if they can be restored without orthodontics.

After viewing this lesson, you will:

  • Understand systematic evaluation of orthodontic treatment vs. restorative treatment

  • Identify compromises and clearly communicate them to the patient

  • Review a case utilizing the 6 questions

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