labYou may notice a BIG and exciting change the next time you're at the Spear campus for an advanced workshop. We are happy to announce the opening of our new 2,300-square-foot state-of-the-art clinical teaching lab at our Scottsdale campus.

The lab was custom designed specifically to meet the needs of Spear's advanced workshops and will incorporate both lecture and hands-on learning. This new vital addition to the Spear campus aims to inspire a core-shifting change in your perspective on advanced dentistry and to help you enhance your skillset.

Our new lab is equipped with 40 custom-designed, fully integrated Lista workstations that include:

  • Clinical NSK motors and handpieces to replicate a hands-on, in-practice experience

  • Ivoclar curing lights and Straumann surgical kits

  • Down-draft vacuums contained within cabinetry for quieter operation

The lab's audio/visual setup incorporates the latest technology, with enhanced functionality, seamless video and still image capabilities, over-the-shoulder live videography and high-resolution color match.

"This lab represents the next step in Spear's evolution as the premier continuing dental education provider," says Gary DeWood, Spear's executive vice president of curriculum and clinical education. "Every aspect and component was chosen to provide students with a seamless, optimal learning experience."


The lab made its debut with Spear's December Anterior Restorative Dentistry workshop, and will be the site of advanced core workshops going forward. We can't wait for you to have your first exhilarating and educational experience on your next trip to Scottsdale!

John Roark is the Marketing Communications Specialist at Spear Education.

Ready to experience lectures and hands-on learning with dentistry's most respected educators in our brand new state-of-the-art lab? Sign up for one of our advanced workshops today.