dr. frank spearTreatment planning, especially for complex cases, can be an extremely challenging process for any clinician. A treatment planning system that Dr. Frank Spear has been using for over 25 years is called facially generated treatment planning (FGTP).

A significant number of dentists, if not all dentists, have cases sitting on their desks and simply do not know how to proceed with treatment. Dr. Frank Spear suggests that when clinicians do not struggle with treatment planning, it is typically for patients that do not have tooth wear, have well-aligned teeth, display acceptable gingival levels and have an occlusion what works well. With that said, patients with tooth position issues usually cause the biggest speed bump in the treatment planning process.

In our new course, The Treatment Planning Process, Dr. Frank Spear goes over the systematic process of FGTP. He will guide the practitioner through the steps in a sequential manner that logically makes sense and predictably leads to an ideal outcome. Through this process, consequences of a compromised treatment plan will become clear to avoid uncertainty or surprises during treatment.

After viewing this new course by Dr. Frank Spear, you will have a better understanding of:

  • Problems and possible etiologies

  • Esthetics, function, structure and biology (EFSB)

  • Creating a desired outcome for your patients

  • The options for phasing and completion of treatment

  • Using decision trees

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There's a lot more where that came from! Stay tuned for future courses brought to you by Dr. Frank Spear.

Denise Prichard is the Editor for Spear Education.