dental ceAfter practicing dentistry for over 35 years, I believe one of the biggest challenges to the growth of a practice is lack of knowledge; that is what makes dental CE so important. A daunting task is choosing the correct dental CE for the particular practice.

Just what is the best way to choose a course that is worthwhile CE?

I know dentists' mailboxes, both physical and email, are constantly full of advertisements with the next best course that will ensure that their dental practice will be the greatest! And we know every advertising piece is telling the truth, well at least how that particular advertiser wants to see it.

So what is one to do when it comes to dental CE?

In my humble opinion, one needs to decide what one wants. What is it that you want to be better at in the practice? Some dentists are looking to increase their clinical skills in a certain area of the practice. Others are looking to have better interpersonal relations with their staff and patients. After deciding the area in which you want to improve, ask other colleagues where and from whom they have had worthwhile experiences from dental CE providers. I personally like to hear from others as to why they felt a particular course was a positive or negative experience for them.

There is a constant need to increase your knowledge. Have a plan to make sure you are choosing the right education for you, your staff and most important, your patients.

Mark J. Fleming, DDS, Spear Visiting Faculty and Contributing Author.

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