spear seminarsYou asked for them, and Spear delivered!

Spear is excited to announce two new vital components to our menu of Spear seminars: The Periodontal-Restorative Interface and Implants – The Surgical/Restorative Connection.

Both of these insightful and challenging seminars aim to inspire a core-shifting change in your perspective of dentistry and practice management.

The Periodontal-Restorative Interface (Nov 21-22, 2014): Meeting the esthetic challenge in dentistry today requires a comprehensive interdisciplinary approach to patient care with a team well versed in the benefits of each other's disciplines.

This two-day course will explore the essentials of everyday interdisciplinary therapy from the perspective of the periodontist and the restorative dentist. Simply understanding that something CAN be done does not necessarily mean it can be applied to a specific situation – it may not satisfy the restorative requirements of the case. Knowledge of possible options must be tempered and edited in a collaborative effort and applied to the patient in the chair. Register now.

Implants – The Surgical/Restorative Connection (Dec 12-13, 2014): Implants are rapidly becoming part of everyday dentistry. While this treatment modality allows us to help patients in unprecedented ways, it has some complexity involved with it as well. Optimal success with placing and restoring implants comes from close cooperation between restorative doctor and implant surgeon.

This two-day course will explore the essentials of treatment planning, placement and restoration of dental implants in both simple and complex implant reconstructions. It is sure to provide technical and practical information for both the surgeon and the restorative dentist that can easily be implemented into the practice. Register now.

Denise Prichard is the Assistant Editor for Spear Education.


Commenter's Profile Image Michael Melkers
August 29th, 2014
I will be at both and looking forward to it