four prong approachOver the last decade, the role of the dental hygienist has changed quite a bit. A hygienist used to focus on just treating the mouth, but now their role has expanded to treating oral conditions that will ultimately affect the health and wellness of the entire body.

Our new course, The Four-Pronged Approach: A Comprehensive View of Periodontal Therapy, explores treatment concepts, products and techniques for a more comprehensive approach to the non-surgical treatment of periodontal disease. Using the Four-Pronged Approach to customize your treatment plans will ensure you are helping your patients achieve the best possible results with their periodontal therapy.

After viewing this lesson, the dental hygienist will understand how to:
  • Communicate the importance of ‘self-care’ to the patient

  • Incorporate a variety of products and techniques to benefit the patient

  • Explore treatment options to enhance scaling and root planning

  • Incorporate nutrition into periodontal therapy treatment plans

  • Explore treatment options for locally applied antibiotics and medicaments

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There’s a lot more where that came from! Stay tuned for future hygiene courses available on Digital Suite.

Denise Prichard is the Assistant Editor for Spear Education.