One of the biggest issues with the new patient exam is the amount of time it takes up. One of the goals is to gather all the data as efficiently as possible while allowing the patient to experience the dentist's competence and confidence in the treatment plan.

Every doctor has a preferred exam sequence, but following the "outside-in" rule makes the exam flow smoothly and allows the patient to feel comfortable with the dentist and the dental assistant.

Our new staff training lesson, New Patient Exam – Part 2: Outside-in Flow, Extra-oral, focuses on the "outside" part of this rule. This part of the examination allows the dental and the dental assistant to get to know the patient as a human being instead of just focusing on the patient's clinical history.

After viewing this lesson, your team will be able to:

  • Understand the value of the pre-clinical exam

  • Create value for the exam, including a reason for radiographs

  • Understand the systematic flow of the muscle exam

  • Appreciate the intention of the muscle exam

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