Part-3Every doctor has a preferred exam sequence and incorporating the outside-in rule in the new patient exam can makes things flow as smoothly as possible. In a previous course the extra-oral portion of the exam was covered, but our new staff training course, New Patient Exam - Part 3: Outside-in Flow, Intra-oral, focuses on the intra-oral section of the exam.


One of the greatest benefits of the outside-in approach during the intra-oral portion of the exam is the ability to create an exceptional experience for new patients that can increase their confidence in the dentist's suggestions for future treatment.

After viewing this course, your team will be able to:

• Understand the value of an intentional transition between exra- and intra-oral components of the exam
• Understand the systematic flow of the soft-tissue exam
• Understand the intentional connection between conditions of the dentition and the muscles and joints
• Understand the intentional connection between conditions of the dentition, muscles, and joints and how they relate to the occlusal patterns
• Appreciate the systematic approach to completing the exam, while creating value and urgency for the patient
• Appreciate the value of radiographs for every patient and how to add value for the patient

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