Introducing a new weekly announcement series from Spear. With all the new additions and innovations Spear continues to provide each week to benefit restorative dentists, we want to ensure that everyone is aware of what's available to further enhance your educational experience.

New Enhancements to Spear Case Assistant
Spear Case Assistant is a treatment planning and patient education tool that provides searchable, case-specific advice for challenging cases.

New enhancements to Spear Case Assistant have just launched, enabling users to more quickly and easily access resources for both doctors and patients. Log on today or learn more by visiting the overview and explore new features, including:

  • Captioned slide shows for both clinician reference and patient presentation

  • Updated imagery

  • Streamlined navigation

We are confident you will welcome these new features. As always, we will continue to refine Case Assistant to provide the optimal user experience.

New Lunch + Learn Team Development Module
Giving Long-Term Patients a New Vision for Dentistry: Some patients have been in your practice for years where they are settled into a routine of hygiene and tooth-based maintenance for wear and tear. In this team development module, you and your team will learn how to re-energize these patients with a renewed vision for their dental possibilities.

You'll learn how to:

  • Identify one or two patients a day for a renewal conversation

  • Develop a profile of a patient to understand their potential dental goals

Log on now to check it out, or learn more by visiting the Spear Digital Suite overview.

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