"Seize the day" is a motto that is embraced by those who strive to get the most from life. Capturing the opportunities that are presented to us is what growth is all about. But when you look a little closer at the people who always seem to be doing more or doing better, you find it's not because they are simply more willing to seize opportunities that others don't want to embrace.

Very often it's because they see opportunities that others don't. This is an important point, because how can you seize an opportunity if you don't realize it's there?


For instance, what if you had a new patient and during their first exam you see some significant urgent treatment possibilities? What if that patient were willing to get started on your recommended course of treatment right away? If you had their go-ahead, and the time in the schedule, would you do it? I think just about any dentist would say this was an opportunity they would seize without hesitation, if it came up.

However, this kind of situation does come up often, and there are steps you can take to put yourself in a position to be ready to "seize the day." For instance, you can schedule new patient exams just before lunch and at the end of the day whenever possible. This way when you do see an opportunity to get a patient launched on the right path, you can offer to begin treatment immediately. Sure, you and an assistant might have to make do with a protein bar for lunch that day, but that initial momentum you create with the new patient could pay off (for you and them) for years down the road. If you are a practice with CEREC, this kind of opportunity presents itself all the time. The real leaders in CEREC mastery are the dentists who see the technology not just as a clinical delivery tool but also as a means of transforming how they practice. It is a tool for uncovering and exploiting opportunities.

The point is you can't just wait for opportunities to present themselves so you can take advantage of them. Sometimes you have to have the imagination to see the possibilities that hide in plain sight, and then have the creativity and agility to respond in a way that lets you seize the day.