As we continue to offer insightful content by the Spear faculty and guest writers each month, we want to make certain that you don't miss any of it. The following is a quarterly wrap-up of the articles that resonated with our valued readers and demonstrates the depth and breadth of what we cover.

1. Why It's Great to Be a Dentist
By Imtiaz Manji
The secret is out: You have the best job in America. This should not really be a surprise to anyone, as dentistry has consistently been ranked at or near the top of career choices on lists like this for a long time. Read more >>

2. What Does Current Research Say About Pain-Free Injection Techniques?
By Vivek Mehta
The following is a review of available research on effective pain reducing tactics during local anesthesia injections. Some of these are commonly used while others are not. Incorporating many or most of these ideas within our technique will take us one step closer to "zero pain" local anesthesia injections. Read more >>

3. Improve Your Bitewings With a Cotton Tip Applicator
By John Carson
If you're like me, you or your team has trouble getting the contacts on bitewings open at times. I would like to share a simple tip to help you get those difficult contacts open on your bitewings. Read more >>

4. A Simple Way to Get Patients to Invite Others
By Imtiaz Manji
If you're like most dentists, you probably have a lot of potential ambassadors who are walking out the door keeping their rave reviews to themselves. These same people would readily promise to mention you to their friend – if only someone asked them. Read more >>

5. Nancy Case Study: Communicating With the Lab [Part I]
By Frank Spear
In a previous article “Nancy Case Study: Malalignment [Part I]” I went over the treatment planning process of Nancy's two central incisors that had old restorations and the completion of the full crown preparations. This article highlights the lab communication phase. Read more >>

6. Close the Access Opening of Implant Abutments
By Bob Winter
When trying in an all-ceramic restoration on an implant abutment to confirm the esthetic outcome prior to its cementation, I suggest the following steps. Read more >>