A recent article about curing lights appreared in Inside Dentistry1 and since that is a topic that I cover for our participants in two workshops, Anterior Restorative Dentistry and Excellence in Composite Restorations, it caught my attention and my interest.

There was one bit of information that was new to me so I'd like to pass it on. LED lights that emit multiple frequencies, the poly-wave LED lights, should be moved over the materials as you are light curing because the frequencies do not mix well together. Moving the light ensures that all areas of the composite material interact with the appropriate frequency of light and initiate polymerization. Who knew? Apparently the ADA, since this is where the authors got the information.2

Don't forget to Move it, Move it!


1. Broyles AC, Ferracane J; Curing lights Inside Dentistry, jan 2013 pp 88-89

2. ADA Professional Product Review. 2009; 4(4)


Commenter's Profile Image John Sweeney
February 7th, 2013
Thanks for the heads up about the light Gary. I have been moving the light for the past few days..... By the way, the composite workshop was awesome. John
Commenter's Profile Image Gerald Benjamin
February 7th, 2013
The single greatest problem that we have with composites is THE DENTIST. The overwhelming majority of composites are placed without a rubber dam and are inadequately cured but this is, again a dentist issue. The best way to cure resins is bilateral, transenamel illumination using two powerful lights SIMULTANESOUSLY with a total cure time of about 60 seconds. Paul Belevedere first proposed this approach to curing but the overwhelming majority of dentists 1. refuse to buy two lights and refuse to spend the time curing. The solution to this problem, of course, is to raise fees dramatically.
Commenter's Profile Image Gary DeWood
February 8th, 2013
Thanks John - really glad you liked it! Gerald! How EXCELLENT to hear from you and know you're looking at the website and the review. Thanks for the comment - you are a master of composite and I try to share many of the things you shared with me the past few years when our paths have crossed. Thanks again!