Scotchbond Universal (and several other excellent self-etching / silanating / desensitizing bonding resins) are wonderful tools in adhesive dentistry.

The problem with a superior self-etcher is that it can get on teeth that I have no desire to bond to.

Plumber's tape is an excellent way to cover the adjacent teeth without getting in the way and keep the BOND where I want it. Get it at any home improvement store.


Commenter's Profile Image Matt Standridge
February 20th, 2013
Glad to hear this! I just started using Scotchbond Universal a couple of months ago. So far I like it. What have been the experiences of others?
Commenter's Profile Image Sean Mooring
February 20th, 2013
Great idea Gary! Thanks for sharing. I love Scotchbond Universial and I'm in the process of making it my one and only bonding agent. Trying to clear out the clutter and make life simple for me and my assistants.