In a previous article we discussed adjusting the mandibular incisal edges to accommodate for esthetic and functional changes in the maxillary anterior teeth. The instrumentation that I would suggest using is the same for both natural teeth and ceramic restorations.

For significant adjustments I use Brasseler's fine or extra fine grit diamonds, either the egg shaped 379-023 and 369DEF-025, or round end tapered burs 8856-016 and 856DEF-016. By using a fine or extra-fine diamond you create less trauma on the surface of the tooth or ceramic.

It is then easier to polish with W18-MZR and W18-FZR polishing wheels. In fact, if there were only minor adjustments needed, I would not use the diamonds at all, rather adjust and polish at the same time with the rubber wheels only. If you like to use a straight handpiece, which I often do, try Brasseler's white ceramic polishing wheel followed by a gray Dialite to achieve the highest luster.