Anterior preparation reduction guides are extremely valuable tools which can be used to confirm that there will be adequate space for the restorative material after the teeth are prepped.

The guides are based on the desired definitive form of the final restorations based on a diagnostic wax-up. There are several types of guides that can be used to assist you in designing your preparations:

Palatal: Confirms the length and palatal (lingual) reduction

Labial: Confirms the labial reduction

Labial index over tooth preparations.

Window: Confirms both the labial and palatal reduction

Window index. Window index over tooth preparations

Vertical: Confirms 2 phase labial and palatal reduction

Vertical index over tooth preparations

The reduction guides should be made from a firm silicone material to minimize distortion when they are inserted into the mouth. The key to using an anterior preparation reduction guide is that there is an accurate diagnostic impression of the teeth and soft tissue as both the teeth and/or tissue will be used to support and stabilize the silicone index.


Commenter's Profile Image Tom Edwards Jr DMD
January 27th, 2013
Dear Bob...I have heard about reduction guides for most of my 30 years in practice but have never used one. Your pictures demonstrate the value of using these guides to improve contours for success. I won't forget these and will begin using this technique this coming week. Thanks so much! Tom Edwards Jr DMD