With all of the great content offered by the Spear faculty and guest writers each month, we want to make certain that you don't miss any of it. The following is a monthly wrap-up of the articles that resonated with our valued readers and demonstrates the depth and breadth of what we cover.

Treatment Planning and Sequencing in Patients With Severe Wear
By Frank Spear
For every patient who presents with tooth wear, it's important to know how to approach the planning process properly. Most of the time dentists are inclined to think about occlusion when starting to treatment plan wear patients. Read more >>

MythBusters: Dentistry Edition [Part II]
By Denise Prichard
Since your patients have unlimited access to some of the most bogus dentistry myths around, it's helpful to know which ones are the most popular in order to educate your patients properly. Read more >>

The Job Isn't Done Until the Images are Taken
By Gary DeWood
This patient is sporting a full set of original provisionals that I fabricated directly using copyplast formers. These photos will help Winter Lab give me what I need so my patient gets what he wants. He would like me to improve his smile and correct the can't. Read more >>

When to Use Triple Tray Impressions
By Bob Winter
Using triple tray impressions for simple posterior one to three unit cases can be a highly predictable and effective way for practitioners to produce acceptable outcomes. Read more >>

The Five Stages of a Dentist's Life
By Imtiaz Manji
Just about everyone graduates full of youthful excitement and eager to get going. A lot of your energy is spent maneuvering to end up in an acceptable practice and set the stage for the future. Read more >>

Failure to Communicate
By John Carson
I would like to share something that happened to me recently in hopes you can avoid it happening to you. Several years ago I saw a patient for evaluation of congenitally missing maxillary lateral incisors. Read more >>