With all of the great content offered by the Spear Faculty and guest writers each month, we want to make certain that you don't miss any of it. The following is a monthly wrap-up of the articles that resonated with our valued readers and demonstrates the depth and breadth of what we cover.

How to Give a Painless Injection [Part I]
By Darin O'Bryan
Patients don't understand if your margins are impeccable or if you have put them in the most stable occlussal scheme possible. But if you make them jump when you give them an injection, they sure as heck remember that. Read more >>

Beat the Overhead Game
By Imtiaz Manji
When I see dentists who are feeling pressured by runaway expenses, I find it's seldom a result of reckless spending. If anything, they're often too focused on cutting expenses. Read more >>

How to Root Bank
By Mark Fleming
In a really esthetically-concerned patient, root banking is a great treatment option as long as the patient has a biologically healthy root and they don't have any periodontal problems. Read more >>

MythBusters: Dentistry Edition
By Denise Prichard
With the millions of articles littering the Internet, patients could be stumbling upon articles about dental myths that they may take seriously. The following is a list of the most common dental myths circulating that may be lingering in the minds of your patients. Read more >>

Tooth Wear Appliances: Full Arch Maxillary and Full Arch Mandibular
By Frank Spear
Conceptually, full coverage appliances decrease elevator muscle activity in excursive movements if they are designed with anterior guidance, but do not reduce elevator muscle activity during clenching since they have posterior occlusion. Read more >>

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