With all of the great content offered by the Spear Faculty and guest writers each month, we want to make certain that you don't miss any of it. The following is a monthly wrap-up of the articles that resonated with our valued readers and demonstrates the depth and breadth of what we cover.

By Gary DeWood
How do you prepare your restorations for seating after try-in? When I act as my own technician by scanning and fabricating in the office, the porcelain doesn't get etched until the restoration is ready for insertion. Read more >>

The Secret That Makes Great Dentists Great
By Imtiaz Manji
I have been deeply involved in dentistry for more than 30 years now. I started out by introducing dentists to practice management software and chairside systems. I soon became engrossed in the dynamics of what makes a dental practice run. Read more >>

How to Manage Bleeding Tissue
By Frank Spear
The issue of inflamed tissue and bleeding is one of the most frustrating parts of making impressions in restorative dentistry. There are a number of different ways to manage this issue. Read more >>

Clinical Tips for Polishing Ceramics: e.max and Zirconia
By Bob Winter
Adjusting occlusal contacts is frequently required at the time of try-in and/or post-insertion. If there is a minor occlusal adjustment needed, my suggestion is to use only a rubber abrasive polishing wheel and not a diamond. Read more >>

Selling Your Practice in a Few Years? Don't Make This Mistake
By Imtiaz Manji
It's natural for owner-doctors who are looking toward retirement to want to scale back re-investment in their practices. Why sink a lot of money into a facility that you intend to leave? Read more >>

How Many Implants Are Needed for a Mandibular Overdenture?
By Darin O'Bryan
With implants, 80 percent of respondents are happy with their lower prosthesis. The question is. How many implants are needed for a mandibular overdenture? Read more >>

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