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How to Fix a Deep Overbite in Wear Patients
By Frank Spear
Deep overbites are a common condition in patients with lingual wear of their maxillary incisors and facial wear of the mandibular incisors. The deep overbite can occur from three different etiologies. Read more >>


One Important Tip for Talking With New Patients
By Imtiaz Manji
Late night talk show host Craig Ferguson does something unique just before interviewing someone on his show. It's a bit of showmanship that is designed to serve a purpose. Read more >>


How to Take a Bite
By Martin Mendelson
Taking bite records is fundamental to laboratory communication. When you're prepping a case, it's helpful to keep the basic principles in mind to ensure success in bite registration for restorative dentistry. Read more >>


Will the Puzzles Never Cease?
By Steve Ratcliff
A 44-year-old woman came into my practice yesterday with a chief complaint of non-painful throbbing at the area of her implant. Also, she didn't like the “feel of the shape” of the existing provisional. Read more >>


Three Essential Steps for Tooth Preparation
By Mark Fleming
The most conservative methods of restorative or cosmetic therapy that satisfy the esthetic and functional needs of the patient are always the best treatment. Read more >>


A Simple Way to Ease Waiting Room Frustration
By Imtiaz Manji
It turns out that frustration levels increase when a person isn't sure how long a wait will be. Studies have revealed that a person who waits five minutes for a train is more impatient than the person who waits 10 minutes. Read more >>


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