With processed foods and beverages littering the aisles of every grocery store, and likely every pantry across the country, the enamel of our nation's youth is rapidly deteriorating. Parents know to keep soda intake to a minimum in their children's diets in order to avoid cavities and decay, but do they really know what kinds of choices are best for their children's dental health? They probably don't realize that some of the most common beverages have acidity levels that are astronomical, resulting in a mouthful of cavities and irreversible damage to children's teeth.

A new study conducted by the Academy of General Dentistry suggests that the daily consumption of energy drinks and sports drinks is bathing the teeth of children and adolescents in acid, causing permanent damage to teeth. Aside from these culprits, what other highly acidic beverages are bad for enamel?

We invite you to take a look at our infographic on pH levels of common beverages below.

pH Levels of Common Beverages