Many of us get wrapped up in our day-to-day routine of practice and sometimes we forget what an impact we have on our patients’ lives. We all remember the big cases, the ones that bring tears to our patients’ eyes. Daily we treat and prevent disease and increase our patients’ quality of life. In the education arena, things are not always as obvious as six beautiful maxillary veneers. However, this week was different. I had asked the Faculty Club about a month ago to share with us their practice or family milestones. I am always excited to read these to other members of the Faculty Club, and I felt I had to share this particular one with the entire Spear community. “I am happy to report that through extensive planning and hard work we are realizing our vision as a practice. We are about to double our practice size since beginning work at the Scottsdale Center and especially as a Spear Faculty Club member. We are doing the dentistry that makes me proud and have partners that allow that reality. Thank you Spear Education, Winter Lab and Mercer Advisors!” Dr. Jason J. Juarez Defiance, Ohio Everyone here at Spear takes pride in the education and experiences we provide to our dentists and we were all humbled to receive Jason’s note. It was a great way to start the weekend before we welcomed the next Facially Generated Treatment Planning course to the Center.