Those of you of a certain age will fondly remember this opening sequence from a classic TV show of the 70s. It was the stuff of sci-fi fantasy back then: using advanced medical technologies to “rebuild” a man better, stronger, and faster than nature had provided. As far as medical science has come since then, there still aren't any “superhumans” like this, but there is one area where we have surpassed nature's specs, and that's in dentistry. With contemporary materials and techniques such as implants, sophisticated technologies such as CEREC, and even with relatively simple procedures such as tooth-whitening, you are able to not just restore, but improve upon patients' natural dental potential. After all, there is nothing in the human body that can match the durability of titanium. When it comes to dentistry, we are living in the Bionic Age. Change happens so swiftly, and we get used to new advances so quickly, that it's worth reminding ourselves from time to time just how far we've come. And it's worth reminding patients, too. Too many people have an outdated “drill-and-fill” image of what dentistry is all about, and too many dentists let them keep thinking that way. But you are not just a tooth-puller or a caretaker. You are a skilled professional whose field is at the forefront of some of the most exciting advances in the health sciences. Make sure your patients know that.