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Education for Doctors, Teams and the Entire Dental Community

Patients can feel the support in a Spear dental practice. From office managers and front office staff to practice owners and new associates, there is a recognizable cohesion in messaging and precision of care in the operatory. Everyone is constantly learning – including patients....

That unity among members of the dental community – among clinical staff and throughout interdisciplinary networks, and among patients – is so key to connecting with people about the actual realities of oral health.

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Learn on Your Own

Spear video lessons and other CE multimedia provide doctors and dental professionals of all skill levels with the training to master any clinical or practice management issue....Learn More

Our faculty have you covered with content you can enjoy at home, from your practice, or from anywhere you are comfortable.

Office managers, dental assistants, treatment coordinators, and hygienists are integral components of any team – and everyone benefits from Spear, with access to role-specific lessons that unite everyone around shared goals.

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“I have established the foundation for a great career in just three years.”

Heather Adams, D.D.S.
Bentonville, Arkansas

Heather Adams, D.D.S.

Learn Alongside Others

Your peers are just a click away with virtual seminars that allow you the flexibility of attending a large event from anywhere — or attend hands-on, lab-based workshops with like-minded dentists at the Spear Campus in scenic Scottsdale, Arizona....Learn More

Joining a study club, or leading one of your own, also provides you with virtual or in-person options to strengthen your interdisciplinary casework and bolster the referral experience for patients. Whatever your role is with your interdisciplinary team – we have something that could make you a stronger contributor.

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Learn Hands-On

With little room for error with often-skeptical patients, your team should feel as comfortable addressing any practice management issue. Guide their professional and clinical development with Team Meetings, online courses and lessons that cover a wide range of everyday dental practice challenges....Learn More

For restorative dentists and specialists, study clubs and campus workshops offer a collaborative, small-group learning environment to discover how to consistently achieve your desired clinical outcomes.

Plus, we can introduce other options — including comprehensive real-time practice consulting, exclusive faculty roundtables, and packages with unlimited tuition to virtual events — that ensure you get the most out of Spear.

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