Amy joined Spear in 2018 as Vice President of Consulting Strategy as part of the acquisition of Pride Institute — the nationally acclaimed, practice management consulting company where she previously served as CEO. She teaches practice management online and at the Spear Campus, helping to coach both clients and consultants and incorporate Pride content into the Spear ecosystem.

Amy and her teams have revitalized thousands of dental practices using management systems proven to help dentists become more secure, efficient and profitable. She started working at Pride in 1993 and, through the mentorship of renowned practice management expert Dr. Jim Pride, advanced from serving as a consultant and trainer to leading the organization as chief executive.

A prolific speaker, Amy has presented throughout North America and Europe and has been featured at every major dental meeting, including the American Dental Association, Academy of General Dentistry and numerous regional organizations. She has also presented customized programs for various study groups and dental companies.

Amy is also an active writer and contributes regular practice management articles to Spear Digest. She has published a wide variety of columns and whitepapers in major dental publications, in addition to self-guided training manuals. Her books — like “Leadership Lessons From the Road: Why Bother, We’re All Nuckin’ Futz!” — provide real solutions to help doctors and their teams address the daily issues that arise in the evolution of their practices.