Dr. Gunson has lectured and published research on the surgical correction of OSA, the three-dimensional airway changes associated with surgical correction, the medical treatment of mandibular condylar resorption, and the quantification of beauty.

Specializing in orthognathic surgery and research has enabled Dr. Gunson and his partner, Dr. G. William Arnett to examine approximately 10,000 patients with cosmetic, functional, and OSA conditions. As a result, they have studied and improved their results while sharing information through publications and lectures.

Dr. Gunson graduated from UCLA Dental School and continued on to receive his medical degree and specialty certificate in oral and maxillofacial surgery from UCLA. Upon completion of his training, Dr. Gunson was invited to partner with Dr. Arnett at the Center for Corrective Jaw Surgery in Santa Barbara, California. Since that time, his practice has been limited to facial reconstructive surgery, surgical correction of sleep apnea and research.