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Martin Mendelson

Dr. Mendelson is a Spear Resident Faculty member and Spear’s Executive Vice President of Practice Growth. He is responsible for coaching Spear Study Club leaders and Masters Program Members, directs the Spear Faculty Club, and is also the host of the Spear Annual Summit.

Prior to joining Spear, Dr. Mendelson spent several years as the director of education at Americus Dental Lab in Clearwater, Fla. This was followed by positions with VITA in North America as their director of professional development and clinical business director.

Dr. Mendelson earned his D.D.S. from the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery, University of Maryland, and maintained a private restorative general practice for almost 10 years before ceasing practice due to chronic pain issues in his hand.

Dr. Mendelson has contributed to leading industry publications and has lectured nationally and internationally on color science, dentist/technician communications, and his passion for personal growth through mindset and positive psychology.

In 2017, he completed a 300+ hour program to earn his certification as a Certified Professional Coach to better serve our Study Club leaders and Masters Program Members.

In 2019, Dr. Mendelson then earned a certification in Positive Psychology/Happiness Studies from Dr. Tal Ben Shahar who is one of the leading authorities in this area.

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