Spear Core Values

These aren't just words painted on a wall promoting integrity and customer service. In defining who we are, we wanted words to live by. Our core values were carefully crafted to serve as our compass and guide us in what we do every day.

Spear's Guiding Principles to Ensure Success and Happiness as a Team Member

At Spear, the most important resource we have is our people. We are exceptionally passionate about our mission, vision, and values. We are confident and proud of the strategy we've built to achieve our Vision. However, before we can even touch those elements we need to start with the imperative first step. That imperative first step is our People. Without our people, our mission, vision, values and strategy are just words on a page. Our people give bring them to life.

Our people define our culture. Therefore, WHO we have on this team is critical to building and maintaining our culture. That is our core philosophy on how to build a great company. Hire awesome people that fit well with the culture.

Below is a set of guiding principles to ensure we have the right people working at Spear. It's meant for people who are thinking about working at Spear and the people who already work at Spear. To be successful at Spear we need to live these guiding principles. If we find a new hire or an existing team member that isn't willing to commit to these guiding principles, then perhaps Spear isn't the best fit for them. If the below sounds like you or the type of people you want to work with, you'll do great at Spear.

We want people who are passionate and that passion inspires others and makes everyone around you better.  If you like bringing passion to your work then Spear is a great place for you.

We want people who are adaptable: Things will change. We won't be perfect even though our intentions are good and we STRIVE to do the right thing.  If you like doing the same thing every day or if you like things to be relatively steady, I'd suggest Spear isn't a good company for you.  What Spear needs, are people that can thrive in a changing environment. What we're trying to achieve is transformational.  Technology and healthcare are changing rapidly.  We happen to be in both industries.  The people who are most successful at Spear thrive of off change in a fast-paced environment.

We want people who are good at using data (metrics) to inform their intuition.

We want people who are going to respect each other: The team at Spear works pretty hard and we spend a lot of time together.  We don't all have to be best friends but we need to be a high performing team.  The word “team" being the non-negotiable. Respect is the foundation for creating an enjoyable experience at work.  Regardless of your performance, we don't put up with gossip and talking badly about colleagues.  No jerks allowed.  Furthermore, we want people who will commit to intervening if a fellow team member isn't being treated with respect.

We want people to speak up: Your feedback is really important for Spear to be successful.  We hire really smart and thoughtful people so everyone's voice is important to our success.  At the same time, we expect a commitment from every team member to be really innovative and thoughtful in how they generate great ideas.  The most successful members of the Spear team get deeply entrenched in what customers are looking for.  They get deeply entrenched in understanding and contributing to the strategy for Spear to achieve its vision.  They are committed to being innovative in how they approach challenges.  Additionally, the most successful team members can communicate those innovative ideas concisely and articulately. Feedback is important up, down, and across the organization, so we've created a regular cadence of things like direct report one on one's, group forums, and set check-in meetings.  This is an area we will all need to commit to continuously improve.

We want high performers:  We are building transformational technology based solutions for the dental practice.  No one has done this before in our industry which means we are sailing in uncharted waters. Doing new and innovative things requires A players giving A performances.  You also need to enjoy a performance oriented culture to be successful at Spear.

We want problem solvers:  Some people like to complain and some people like to solve problems.  There is a fine line between the two and at Spear, we want the best problem solvers we can find.

We want people that STRIVE to make an impact:  We are in the healthcare business which means we carry a lot of responsibility for our doctors and their patients.  Having a positive impact on the patient experience in a dental practice is core to who Spear is and we want all our team members to commit to participating positive impact.

We want people who make time to help their fellow team members.

We want people who are willing to take responsibility to help create a great culture:  Leadership is something that can come from all parts of the organization. We believe that creating a great culture comes from the entire team.  To be successful at Spear it's important to acknowledge that even if you don't have people reporting to you, we all have leadership capabilities that can shape creating a wonderful place to work.

We want team members who will question anything that isn't consistent with our guiding principles.

We have some very challenging work ahead of us. There will most certainly be many ups and downs. The right team members at Spear are the only way to overcome the challenges ahead, embrace the opportunities at our finger tips, and achieve our ultimate vision. If you feel excited and energized after reading these Guiding Principles then we want you on the Spear team and we know you can succeed on this team!

Kaleim Manji, CEO

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