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Implants — The Surgical/Restorative Connection

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Implants: Screw-Retained vs. Cement-Retained

Dr. Gregg Kinzer compares both screw-retained and cement-retained implant options.

| 1 hour ago

Owning a Private Practice in the DSO World

Dr. Puneet Sandhu shares his perspective on the statistics and specifics of private practice ownership compared to DSOs.

| 1 day ago

Spear Releases Full Arch Zirconia Fixed Prosthesis Study Club Module

In this study club, Dr. Steve Ratcliff continues with the restorative treatment planning and execution of a full arch zirconia fixed prosthesis.

| 2 days ago

Medical Billing in the Digital Dental Practice Part II

Dr. Chris Farrugia debunks six myths about medical billing and what all dental professionals must understand in order to implement and apply it in their...

| 5 days ago

Spear Releases New Curriculum on Medical Billing for the Dental Practice

In this curriculum, Dr. Chris Farrugia discusses foundational concepts of medical billing for your health-centered dental practice.

| 6 days ago

Return On Investment in the Dental Practice

Understanding the basics of ROI (return on investment) is crucial to enhancing technology and profitability in your practice.

| 1 week ago

So you think you want a fee-for-service practice?

Looking to implement a fee-for-service system in your practice? Here are some tips and implementation strategies.

| 1 week ago

Occlusal (Bite) Disease

Among all oral diseases, occlusal disease is one of the least frequently discussed. Find out how to recognize it and why it matters.

| 1 week ago

Five Functional Tips for Any Restorative Dentist

Learn why keeping balance in mind is key to accurate diagnosis, effective treatment and long-term patient satisfaction.

| 1 week ago

How to Categorize Bonding Systems

Learn more about categorizing dental bonding systems.

| 2 weeks ago

What Are Treatment Options for the Cracked Tooth?

Dr. Jeff Lineberry concludes his three-part series on cracked teeth with a look into best treatment methods for various cracked tooth and fractured cusp...

| 2 weeks ago

Demanding Patients Versus Those with a Psychiatric Disorder: Part I

It can be tricky to tell whether a challenging patient is simply demanding or has a psychiatric disorder. In part 1, Dr. Bob Winter discusses how to...

| 2 weeks ago

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