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Forget Everything You Know About Study Clubs

Spear Study Clubs are entirely different

Improve clinical expertise.

Grow practice profitability.

Increase the caliber of referrals.

Spear Study Clubs are designed to help specialists and general practitioners excel in an all-inclusive, easy-to-run model, integrating evidence-based clinical instruction and online learning. You will build a trusted network of colleagues through interdisciplinary collaboration. You will grow, and so will your practice – raising the standard of patient care in your community.




What's Included

It's called a meeting-in-a-box because everything you can think of–plus many things you won't have–are included. Members receive far more than they pay for, and as a Study Club leader, your tuition is waived. See Savings »

Meeting in a box

Turnkey design has everything: up to 8 study modules and materials, handouts, and resources for running effective meetings.

Meeting in a box

24/7 access to Spear Online for leader, all club members, and practice staff.

Meeting in a box

Tuition for all members to attend a 2-day Seminar of your club's choice at our state-of-the-art Scottsdale campus.

Meeting in a box

Spear can recommend Learning Pathways - a progression of modules - for focused learning based on your club's interests.

Meeting in a box

Dedicated Club microsite for organizing meetings, tracking progress, and inter-club communication.

Meeting in a box

Automated email system for inviting prospective members, tracking responses, and collecting fees.

Members receive far more than they pay for.

And as a leader, you don't pay anything at all!

Start Your Own
Club Today

Great Value 1st Year   Renewal Year
Study Club in a Box $2400   $2400
Spear Online subscription (includes 24/7 Course Library, Case Assistant, Spear Talk, Staff training) $1995   $1995
2-Day Seminar (15 CE credits) $1695   N/A
Total value $6090   $4395
Study Club Members pay $2995   $1995
Members save $3095   $2400

“Perhaps the most important thing about a successful study club is content. If you’re going to go to a study club meeting, you need it to be meaningful to you.”

–Frank Spear

Features & Benefits

Hands-on learning in small groups of peers is an effective way to master new clinical skills and build confidence.

Meeting in a box

Grow Practice Profitability

The key to profitability is already in your practice: your patients. Through interdisciplinary collaboration, Spear Study Club members increase practice profitability by treating more complex cases of higher value. For example, treat two $5,000 cases and one $10,000 case per month, and see your practice grow by $240,000 per year.

Improve Clinical Expertise

Learning together with modules based on real cases specifically designed for small-group, hands-on learning, you’ll grow in a supportive, interdisciplinary environment. You will treat more cases in your own practice, and see your patients thrive under a higher level of care.

Meeting in a box
Meeting in a box

Collaborate with Colleagues

Clubs of eight to 12 specialists, GPs and lab technicians meet six to eight times a year. You’ll build an interdisciplinary network in your own community that you can count on for camaraderie, support and referrals.

Increase Case Acceptance

Improve case acceptance by sharing the possibilities of treatment rather than just presenting a treatment plan. Specialist and GP members have reported a significant increase in accepted cases. You’ll also empower your team with the tools to initiate conversations with patients about treatment options.

Meeting in a box
Meeting in a box

Boost Skills With Spear Online

Included with membership: Spear Online's proven platform of online resources. Course Library’s extensive curriculum of CE-eligible courses builds your clinical and practice skills, and includes lessons for team training. Join the conversation on Spear TALK’s online discussion forum, exclusive to dentists. Case Assistant offers searchable, symptom-specific advice for planning treatment of challenging cases.

Build A Professional Network

Grow a network of trusted, successful colleagues, increasing the frequency and caliber of referrals. Mentor peers to raise the standard of patient care in your community. Enjoy the camaraderie of clinicians who share your passion for great dentistry.

Meeting in a box
Meeting in a box

Attend a Seminar

During your first year of membership, join your fellow study club members at a seminar at Spear’s state-of-the-art campus in Scottsdale, Ariz. Master new proficiencies with the respected Spear Faculty, earn CE credits, and connect with other doctors in the Spear community.

Strengthen Your Team

Get your entire team on the same page with Spear Online's Staff Training resources. Manage staff, implement structured team meetings and create a practice focused on exceptional patient care. As you improve the clinical and non-clinical skills of your staff, you’ll boost the daily value of your practice.

Meeting in a box
Meeting in a box

Starting is as Easy as 1-2-3

Our automated online system makes it simple to invite and track members. You won’t have to make a single phone call or collect any fees.

“It wasn’t until I had the opportunity to spend time with a group of dentists who were learners like I am, who wanted to get better at what they’re doing, who wanted to be in a study club atmosphere, that the lights finally started to go on and I was able to do more complex cases.”

–Steve Ratcliff

Take it from a Doctor

What doctors have to say about Spear Study Clubs

  • “What I really like about it is how focused it is on actual cases and actual treatment techniques. You're learning about real therapy options and how to apply them. And I'm very impressed with how current the material is. They present the best approaches based on the best treatment options available right now.”

    –Dr. Greg Phillips, Periodontist, Columbus, IN

  • “What I find to be incredibly useful is Spear Online, where you can go online anytime and get help on just about any issue that comes up. I think it is a phenomenal educational tool.”

    –From Dr. David Barget, Periodontist, Scottsdale, AZ

  • “It isn't just about me getting more business; it's about doing great interdisciplinary dentistry together with my colleagues. It's more than just a study club really–it's a complete system for success for specialists and their referring dentists.”

    –Dr. Neil Sundheimer, Oral Surgeon, Canton, OH

  • “It's almost too easy. It's all given to you in one complete easy-to-implement package, along with all the support you need.”

    –Dr. Ernest Orphanos, PERIODONTIST, Boca Raton, FL

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You'll have a rewarding Club up and running before you know it.

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