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Five Functional Tips for Any Restorative Dentist

Learn why keeping balance in mind is key to accurate diagnosis, effective treatment and long-term patient satisfaction.

| 5 months ago

New Study Club Module: Edentulous Rehabilitation with Parafunctional Considerations

Spear's newest Study Club module examines a patient on the edge of terminal dentition.

| 1 year ago

Orthodontic vs. Restorative Treatment?

Making the correct diagnosis is the key to successful treatment outcomes. If orthodontic treatment was carried out, the spaces would have closed, but...

| 2 years ago

OK, Maybe I DO Grind My Teeth

In another article I described how to modify a patient's nightguard into a useful diagnostic tool. The patient had an existing anterior bite plane, which...

| 2 years ago

Ankylosis Part V: Autotransplantation

Typically when managing ankylosed teeth in children it is advisable to remove the ankylosed tooth prior to significant growth cycles so growth and subsequent...

| 2 years ago

Anterior Open Bites: Part VII

(To read the previous articles in this series, click the links for Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV, Part V or Part VI.) In this article I want to...

| 2 years ago

Researchers Regenerate a Fully Functional Bioengineered Salivary Gland

Current advances in regenerative therapies have been influenced by the study of embryonic development, stem cell biology and tissue engineering technologies....

| 3 years ago

When to Do a Functional Analysis

We have all had patients in our practice that present with very complicated cases including broken teeth, excessive wear, and gingival discrepancies,...

| 4 years ago

Treatment Planning Paul - Part 4

Functional Concerns A discussion of what to plan for and think about to ensure functionality: exams, wear patterns, patient history, functional occlusion,...

| 7 years ago