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The Infamous Single Central

Fabricating an indirect restoration for a single maxillary central incisor is the most challenging and frustrating treatment the dental team can provide for a patient – yet it is also possibly the most rewarding. Understanding the patient’s expectations before treatment … Read more

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Saving for the Future: Part II

In my previous article, I introduced an 8-year-old female patient that sustained fractures to #8 and #9 after falling from her bicycle. In this article, I will go over her five year follow up, as well as her nine year … Read more

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Saving for the Future: Part I

This 8-year-old patient presented to my office in late October of 2005, having fallen from her bicycle earlier in the day. In addition to the small lacerations and contusions, #8 and #9 had sustained fractures that made their restorative prognosis … Read more

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