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Browne Part 1

This patient presented in the office of Dr. Kevin Browne, one of our Spear Faculty Club mentors. The patient's chief complaint was that her previous...

| 5 years ago

The Mystery of Tooth Preparation

Have you ever done a tooth preparation and then found despite having reduced the prescribed amount of structure, you don't have the proper amount of clearance...

| 2 years ago

Templates Improved

The ingenius treatment planning template created by Frank Spear many years ago has been added to. The template gives the restorative dentist a visual...

| 3 years ago

Another Teaser

This 40-year-old Hispanic male came into my practice requesting that his teeth be restored. He knew they were chipping but wasn't sure why....

| 5 years ago

Powers of Observation Part 1

Look at the premolar in the image. Notice the wear facet on the distolingual that is slightly medial to the marginal ridge on the distal. Now, use your...

| 5 years ago

What's up with This?

These are pre-op images from a 10-year-old case of mine. I will give a free tube of expired impression material to anyone who can tell me how the laterals...

| 5 years ago

What Can We Learn?

I wander into The Winter Lab periodically to see what Bob Winter's incredible ceramists are doing and to see what I can learn. Specifically, I look at...

| 5 years ago

Help the Doctor!

This is a case I did about 12 years ago. The upper arch is done with PFMs with a bridge from 9-11. At the time I splinted 6-8 due to mobility...

| 5 years ago

Oh, Shoot! Now What?

Okay, gang, need your help on this one. Implant uncovered and provisionalized, comes back a few weeks later and this is what we see. What...

| 5 years ago

What might be the cause of the abscess?

Pictures of a new patient that came in for a restorative evaluation of the implant-retained crowns. What do you speculate might be the cause of the abscess?...

| 4 years ago

What Does Current Research Say About Pain-Free Injection Techniques?

The following is a review of available research on effective pain reducing tactics during local anesthesia injections. Some of these are commonly used...

| 2 years ago