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Oh Wow, That is BAD!

Every dentist knows what I mean by a radiographic diagnosis. You may not know the term, but a radiographic diagnosis is what happens when at the end of your exam everything seems fine at the end of your exam, but … Read more

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It’s Just a Temporary… Right?

Sometimes, we think of our temporaries or provisionals as just that – temporary. Poorly-fitted temporaries can lead to issues including food impaction, tissue irritation and sensitivity. Ultimately, it can impact how the patient’s overall experience is with the procedure and … Read more

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I Don’t Want Braces

We hear it all the time: “I want my teeth to look better, longer, wider… and I DON’T want braces!” Frustrating, right? Yet when you think about it, why would any adult really want braces? They are ugly, they hurt, … Read more

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The Infamous Single Central

Fabricating an indirect restoration for a single maxillary central incisor is the most challenging and frustrating treatment the dental team can provide for a patient – yet it is also possibly the most rewarding. Understanding the patient’s expectations before treatment … Read more

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Saving for the Future: Part II

In my previous article, I introduced an 8-year-old female patient that sustained fractures to #8 and #9 after falling from her bicycle. In this article, I will go over her five year follow up, as well as her nine year … Read more

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