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Anterior Open Bites: Part III

In Part I and Part II in this series, I discussed the possibilities of developing an anterior open bite from degenerative joint disease, as well as from the lateral pterygoid muscle releasing in a patient with a significant shift from … Read more

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Short Roots

This is a follow-up to Frank’s article entitled, Oh Wow, That is BAD! This patient had orthodontic treatment at the age of 35. Since I didn’t understand root resorption and orthodontic treatment at the time I first treated her 29 … Read more

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Anterior Open Bites: Part II

In the first installment of this series, I covered the possible etiologies of anterior open bites, and how hand-articulated study models could be helpful in determining if the problem was related to an intra-arch issue of tooth position or was … Read more

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Challenge: Oral Pemphigus Vulgaris

A 44-year-old female presented with severe vestibulo-bullous lesions as a result of oral pemphigus vulgaris (PV). The patient had been under the care of a periodontist, an ear, nose and throat specialist and had been taking systemic steroids in order … Read more

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Anterior Open Bites: Part I

Anterior open bites are often a misunderstood entity in dentistry – from what causes them, to when and how they should be treated. The purpose of this series of articles is to hopefully provide a better understanding of how to … Read more

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