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custom abutment

Implants: Custom Abutment Choices

Have you ever struggled with removing the cement around implant restorations as discussed in my previous article? Or perhaps you have struggled with proper tissue contour around implant restorations? In many cases, custom abutments are our best option for not … Read more

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Anterior Open Bites: Part V

In my last article I introduced a patient who had an anterior open bite secondary to condylar fractures at age 18. She is now in her mid-30s, and asymptomatic, but she must wear a full coverage bite appliance every night … Read more

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dental implants

Should You Probe Dental Implants?

The answer is YES. Proper evaluation of the dental implant, with baseline information that includes probing, is necessary when making a determination of health or disease. This subject was one of controversy years ago – however, current research supports it … Read more

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Treatment Planning 101: Part II

In the first article of this series, I began to discuss treatment planning and the importance of knowing how research can and should impact our treatment recommendations and decisions with our patients. Even with all of the recent advancement in … Read more

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