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Get the Facts on Wax

A clear vision of the esthetic and functional outcome of a case must be established to effectively communicate the details to the technician who is fabricating the wax-up. Our new course, Diagnostic Wax-ups, will focus on the clinical process that … Read more

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Complete and Accurate Periodontal Charting

Helping patients retain their natural teeth and maintain overall health is vital. It’s important to closely monitor their periodontal health and recommend care based on our observations and diagnosis. The two things critical to every periodontal diagnosis you make are … Read more

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Five Key Criteria for Sealant Success

We know that 80 percent of decay on young permanent teeth occurs in pit and fissure areas, and sealants have proven to be a very useful prevention tool. However, applying these sealants on permanent molars successfully is not always easy—especially … Read more

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