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shortened dental arch

Shortened Dental Arch

A phased restorative treatment strategy can provide the opportunity for many of our patients to proceed with a plan requiring a significant financial commitment.  Many times patients present with first and second molars – which are automatically included in the … Read more

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Can We Talk Contact?

We have all been trained to seat restorations with a solid contact to adjacent teeth. We usually determine this with the “snap” of the floss. It’s a happy day when we achieve that, but there will be times that it’s … Read more

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Defining Space for a CAD/CAM Structure

Dental implant supported prostheses were traditionally designed for mal-adaptive denture patients with significant alveolar bone loss in the mandibular arch. Fixed hybrid (fixed-detachable) prostheses for the mandible were originally designed as a highwater prosthesis, many of which have been in … Read more

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Trauma 101

In my practice, it is a fairly routine event to have a young child present secondary to a traumatic injury to upper or lower anterior teeth. Many of these children are referred to me because they have sustained an Ellis … Read more

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