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CAD/CAM and Planning

I am not a dentist who chooses to use an in-office milling system. It just doesn’t make sense for my small practice and low volume of patients. Yet, I still love the idea of virtual planning. Dentistry has gone digital … Read more

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Got Tissue Issues?

When your implant abutment or crown/bridge framework on an implant won’t seat, chances are it’s a tissue issue. When you seat your provisional abutments and temporary crown the tissue will heal beautifully to what you have made and sculpted. However, … Read more

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BULL rule

BULL Rule – Or Is It A Guideline?

What’s your strategy for occlusal adjustment?  Specifically, where do you take away material from the functional surface of the restoration whether it’s a denture tooth or a full coverage restoration of some kind?  Occlusion, of course, can be a rather … Read more

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3d printing

3D Printing

It seems that 3D printing is all the rage right now. There have been articles and news reports about this fascinating technology being talked about all over the place. Even though 3D printing technology has been used for over 10 … Read more

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