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Occlusal Appliances: The Options

As an educator, one of the most confusing areas for clinicians in my experience concerns which occlusal appliance to prescribe. There are many reasons for the confusion, not the least of which is that there are so many different appliances … Read more

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Treat or Extract? [Part I]

We are often faced with the question of having to decide on whether to extract or treat a tooth with endodontic or periodontal issues. This is a film from a patient who recently came into my practice. She is 63, … Read more

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Teeth of Diff Size2

Undersized Teeth and Orthodontics

In this article I’ll discuss a simple yet effective way to make your cases that involve teeth of reduced size and orthodontics much more predictable. Usually the reasons for cases like these are pathologic wear or developmental issues such as … Read more

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