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The Two Realities of Patient Care

Imagine a medical doctor who diagnoses a patient with a life-altering (although not life-threatening) condition. It is a condition he has seen many times. He knows there is a procedure—one he has performed successfully many times—that will address the issue … Read more

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What’s the Right Word?

A while ago I posted an article about how it is important to use the right language with patients if you want to evoke the right responses. The words we use are often loaded with connotations, so we want to … Read more

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Every Visit Ends With a Choice

There is a fundamental truth of life in a dental practice, and it’s easy to lose sight of: choice. Delivering comprehensive dentistry means spending a lot of time at the 30,000-foot-level where you can see the big picture. It’s worth … Read more

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Affordability is a Mindset

It’s easy to say that the national economy is suffering and that people simply aren’t able to accept as much dental care as they used to. That’s true in some cases, but let’s also remember that in any economy there … Read more

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