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Two Ways to Become a Standout Dentist

The majority of patients believe that most dentists are good—and they’re right. Dentistry as a whole has demonstrated consistently high standards. Most people, regardless of how they may feel about having a root canal, are confident that wherever they go … Read more

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A Competitive Advantage for Dentists

Think about all the things that are withdrawn from your account automatically each month: your cell phone payment, cable and Internet service, and so on. That discretionary money is gone before you even see it. Then there are the “one-click” … Read more

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Two Words That Always Capture Attention

There is a reason that advertisers have for generations been using the phrase “new and improved.” It’s a natural human instinct to be drawn toward things that are out of the ordinary. “New” captures people’s attention. “Improved” justifies their fascination. … Read more

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Setting Fees Based on Your Expertise

A high-tech, high-volume power plant suffers a breakdown that grinds everything to a halt. All the engineers and maintenance people on the team do everything they can, but even after extensive investigation they can’t seem to figure out the problem. … Read more

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The Great Mindset Shift

Every dentist who goes from average to exceptional reaches a point in their training where they undergo a fundamental shift in thinking. When this mindset shift happens, they never look at patients the same way again. In most cases, it … Read more

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Get the Picture?

Are you offering your patients an opportunity to choose dentistry? During the exam this patient heard about the BIG BLACK FILLINGS in every back tooth. When the assistant gave him the picture and a Sharpie to circle anything he wanted … Read more

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