Spear is incredibly excited to announce the long-awaited launch of the updated Patient Education platform, including an interactive new app for tablet as well as a redesigned desktop experience. 

Building on the foundation of our original, award-winning Patient Education platform, Spear has re-imagined the ideal chairside experience to help doctors engage with their patients unlike ever before. This new and improved Patient Education incorporates features and tools designed to further increase the doctor's ability to explain treatment and have effective diagnostic conversations with patients with the goal of increasing case acceptance and, ultimately, case success.

The platform is designed to be fully and smoothly integrated with Spear’s pre-existing ecosystem of clinical success products, and aligns with Spear's philosophy and mission to help doctors achieve four primary goals:

  • Enjoy dentistry
  • Be more profitable
  • Take time away from dentistry (while remaining profitable)
  • Reach the highest level of clinical expertise

We believe that patient understanding is the ultimate key to greater case acceptance and better treatment. But how deep can a patient's understanding of their condition truly be if they're not properly engaged with the diagnostic and treatment planning process?

dental patient education case acceptance

This is where Patient Education solves that disconnect. Picture this: you're sitting with a patient talking with them about their early-stage gum disease. You pull out your tablet and play a short video showing an animated progression of the disease and how it manifests throughout their mouth over time. When the patient asks what part of their mouth is being affected, you can simply pause the video, draw circles and annotations explaining their particular condition (on tablet), and easily send them screenshots and videos for them to continue considering on their own time.

This is just scratching the surface of what this platform can do. What other specific tools have we implemented to ensure these goals are met?

Desktop users will now be working with a more intuitive navigation panel, giving them the ability to:

  • Keep a complete record of all patient sharing in one single location
  • Customize patient resources with custom colors and the practice logo
  • Add multiple addresses
  • Show only the practice name on patient resources
  • Share resources via text message
  • Access 47 new animations, including post-operative care instructions

Tablet users will benefit from the same features listed above, with the added bonus of being able to annotate and draw on the videos. The platform is also accessible through a more simplified login process on the tablet.


Everything about Patient Education, from the user experience to the video content itself, was driven by research to ensure every step to success was properly met. The benefits of this new platform are extensive and include:

  • Increased patient awareness of dental conditions and the consequences of inaction
  • Increased patient understanding of what is possible through modern dentistry
  • Reduced patient anxiety
  • Increased patient satisfaction, leading to more referrals and loyalty

All this works together to increase case acceptance, especially on larger, more complex cases. Not only is this more profitable for the practice - it’s more fun for the clinician. Moreover, the increased referrals driven by patient satisfaction are essential to sustainable practice growth.

Ready to increase case acceptance, develop better relationships with your patients and get an increased ROI on your Spear membership? Visit https://www.speareducation.com/patient-education to learn more and download the app on your tablet on the App Store, Google Play or Amazon today.


Commenter's Profile Image Deanna M.
October 12th, 2018
I have downloaded the app and when I try and play the videos there is no sound. I can't figure out how to get sound. Can anyone help with this?