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A Four-Letter Word to Watch For

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There is a four-letter word we all use from time to time that—in a certain context—can be a sign that we need to stop and think about what we’re doing. Using this word is often an indication that there is an issue that is not being effectively addressed. The word is “just.”

“If I just had the right patients …”

“If they could just understand the importance of the treatment they need …”

“If the team could just get aligned in the right way …”

“If I could just get two or three more good cases a month …”

“If we were just in a better location …”

“If I just had more time …”

Envisioning a different future is the first step toward making positive change. But when you add a justto the sentence, you’re diminishing its power to motivate. It becomes more of a complaint than an inspiration, more of an idle wish than a decisive plan of action. Nothing just happens; you have to make it happen.

The next time you catch yourself justifying a sentence, take a moment to stop and give yourself an honest answer to the big question: If this is what I truly want, what I am doing to make it happen?

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