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Digital Suite

Spear Digital Suite is a cloud-based practice resource available 24/7 through any Internet-enabled device.

A 12-month membership includes regular monthly updates and unlimited access to courses, treatment planning advice, and our peer-to-peer discussion forum. By increasing productivity and providing you and your staff with the expertise to treat larger cases, your investment in Digital Suite can quickly pay for itself several times over.

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Course Library

An extensive curriculum of courses to increase your clinical expertise, grow your practice and revenues, and train your team. Take tutorials and earn CE credits online, on your own schedule. There are hundreds of lessons with new material added each month. To date, member dentists have earned over 50,000 CE credits.

Top Instructors

Dentistry's most respected clinicians and inspiring educators present an extensive library of material, from clinical skills to practice growth topics. Spear's world-renowned faculty collaborates on a curriculum of courses most relevant to your professional growth.

Spear Instructors

Clinical Excellence

Learn to see more so you can treat more. Expand your clinical expertise to include advanced restorative, esthetic, occlusion skills and more.

Frank teaching

Grow Your Expertise

Develop new competencies to treat increasingly complex cases and solve more of your patients' clinical challenges.

Spear Instructors

Easy-to-Scan Topics

Icons make it easy to identify topics and subjects of interest from an extensive selection that includes restorative, esthetics, occlusion, worn dentition, clinical pearls and more. A quick scan shows your favorites and new material.


Manage and Grow Your Practice

Practice courses are focused on improving the patient experience and building value for your practice. Clinical courses give you new skills and the confidence to present treatment plans that patients agree to more often.

Grow Your Practice

Course Library Demo Video

This short video will demonstrate how the user-friendly interface makes Course Library easy for you and your staff to use.

“If I were to give one bit of advice to someone who was just coming out of dental school I would say, 'Get connected with Spear digital learning. Watch each lesson three times and you will be 99 percent better than most of the dentists out there.' It's that good.”

Dr. David Barget, Scottsdale, Ariz.

Staff Training

Get your entire team on the same page, focused on providing exceptional patient care and building a productive practice.

Elevate Your Team

Raise the clinical expertise of your staff to ensure that their skills grow along with your own and contribute to overall practice success. Spear provides your team with courses for individual learning as well as turnkey group sessions to elevate your caliber of care.

Elevate Your Team

Measure Staff Progress

Videos and quizzes teach your staff new clinical skills they'll start using right away. Course design makes it easy to track their progress, while implementation plans encourage application of new learning.

Team Tracker

Team Meeting Sessions

Spear's turnkey design puts team learning in a ready-to-go package, with a provided agenda, focused objectives and discussion topics for each session. See how far your team can go with bi-weekly lessons — at lunchtime or whenever it's most convenient — to improve their skills, facilitate collaboration and productivity, and broaden their perspective.


Staff Training Demo Video

This short video demonstrates how to access our Team Meeting curriculum and conduct successful discussions with your team.

“Thank you for all the work you have done for the digital learning platform! It's so well done and without a doubt there is no other resource that it can even be compared to. I am embracing this challenge with open arms and am going to start implementing the videos into weekly team meetings so that my team can speak this common language.”

Dr. Mark Olsen, Rocklin, Calif.

Case Assistant

Searchable, symptom-specific advice for planning treatment of challenging cases. Select your patient's presenting symptoms; you'll instantly receive slide shows, Rapid Learning Modules, Digital Suite lessons and related resources.

Instant Advice for Your Most Challenging Cases

With immediate guidance using your patient's presenting symptoms, you'll have the confidence to tackle cases you once referred out.

Case Assistant

Higher Case Value

Expand your comfort zone to treat cases of increased financial value and greater professional challenge. Build a practice of higher average case values and enjoy the results!


Treat Multiple Units

Move away from single-tooth dentistry and offer your patients solutions for comprehensive oral health.

Man in dentist chair

Case Management

Case Assistant creates a file for each patient, and stores Course Library lessons, articles, studies, white papers and other related materials in one location for easy reference.

Case Management

Case AssistantDemo Video

This short video shows you Case Assistant in action and integration of Course Library materials.

“I am now seeing comprehensive treatment options and I have the tools that enable me to be more confident in my treatment recommendations.”

Dr. Heather Adams, LAUREN, MD.

Spear TALK

On anything from clinical expertise to practice management issues and more. The Spear TALK forum is exclusive to dentists — no salespeople or manufacturers can participate.

Peer-to-Peer Learning

Any time you have a question, put it to a few hundred dental professionals who spend every day in your shoes. Even the esteemed Spear faculty is there for support.

Peer-to-peer Learning

Upload Cases for Feedback

Need a second opinion about how to treat a case? Post it on Spear TALK; you'll be surprised at how soon you'll see a variety of thoughtful responses offering a fresh perspective and additional resources.

Or Just Browse
Simply review through the discussion topics and read the valuable content your peers have posted — everything from tricky staffing issues to technologies that are really worth the investment, and more.

Spear TALK

24/7 Availability

Talk to your fellow doctors any time, anywhere. Ask a question as soon as it comes to mind; your colleagues span time zones, so Spear TALK discussions are active at all hours.

24/7 Availability

Join the Spear Community

The doctors on Spear TALK share your values and your aspirations. Like you, they are striving for professional excellence and are generous with their insight and experiences.

Spear Community

Worldwide Experts

Talk to your colleagues in communities large and small across the United States, but also in Canada, the UK, and beyond. They are an international group united by their commitment to pursuing and inspiring great dentistry.

Worldwide Experts

Spear TALK Demo Video

This short video reviews a sampling of Spear TALK discussions and shows you how easy it is to post a question.

“The Spear TALK forum has been a great benefit of membership. It's great just to know that you are talking with other dentists who want to be the best they can be, without encountering condescending or negative attitudes.”

Dr. Mark Venditti, Kingston, Ontario

Earn CE Credits

Cloud-based education lets you earn CE credits at your
convenience, from your own home or office. Since 2011, Spear Digital Suite members have earned over 50,000 CE credits.

Doctor Education

It can be challenging for busy dentists to find the time to further their education and schedule courses for CE credits. Digital Suite makes it easy to earn credits — during lunch or whenever you have a brief window of time.

Doctor Education

Staff Training

Everyone on your team can earn credits to advance their professional standing. Take courses as a group, review the lessons together, and then do the quiz.

Earn CE Credits

Take the Quiz and Print Your Certificates

Earning CE credits really is that simple.

Take the Quiz

“If providing your patients with the best dental care that is available is something that interests you and you really want to get the best value for your CE dollar, this is the best investment you can make. You would be crazy not to participate in the Spear online community.”

Dr. Mark Venditti, Kingston, Ontario

Cloud-Based Education

Digital Suite works in the cloud so you can access it online whenever, wherever you're ready to learn.

Regular Updates

Material is added and updated on a regular basis, with new courses offered each month.

Regular Updates

24/7 Access

From your kid's soccer game on Saturday morning. From your patio on a Tuesday evening. From the office at lunchtime. Digital Suite encourages lifelong learning anywhere, anytime it works for you.


From Any Device

Use your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone. Digital Suite works on multiple devices wherever you have online access.


You + Your Team

Cloud-based delivery makes it easy for you and your staff to learn independently, on your own schedule and from your own devices.

You + Your Team

Increase Revenue

Join Spear Digital Suite and watch your revenues climb. By diversifying your skills, giving you the confidence to take on larger cases, improving your case acceptance rate, and galvanizing your entire team, we'll help you grow your practice in value.

It Pays for Itself

An annual membership to Spear Digital Suite pays for itself several times over by giving you the expertise and confidence to take on new challenges. Just one additional major case can more than cover your annual fees.

It Pays for Itself

No Travel Costs

Spear Digital Suite costs only $1,995 for one year — a fraction of what it would cost for you and your team to travel to a single weekend seminar.

No Travel

Includes Staff Training

If a practice only used the included Team Meeting curriculum on a bi-weekly basis, the cost works out to just less than $75 per training session.

Team Training

“Having the confidence in my value has made me economically independent very quickly and has made me a better dentist. And I have Spear to thank for that.”

Dr. JB White, Las Vegas, Nev.

Easy To Use

Log in and start learning; it's as simple as that. The user-friendly interface and intuitive design will have you up and running in no time.

Integrated Learning

Digital Suite's components are designed to work together to reinforce learning. Find treatment planning advice for specific symptoms on Case Assistant. Do the recommended Course Library lessons to develop expertise and confidence in providing that treatment, and review the related articles, studies and white papers associated with each clinical finding. And when you have additional questions or want practical advice, ask your peers on Spear TALK.

Digital Suite

Full List of Features

With your annual subscription, you'll have 24/7 access to all of the following features.

Course Library

Clinical Subjects
  • Restorative Techniques and Materials
  • Esthetics
  • Occlusion
  • Worn Dentition
  • Dental Sleep Medicine
  • Clinical Pearls
  • Treatment Planning
  • Quizzes are ADA/CERP CE-eligible
  • Lessons are indexed and searchable
  • Library includes hundreds of lessons with new content added each month, at no additional cost
  • Track your CE credits by year; print certificates at any time
Practice Subjects
  • Defining Practice Success
  • Associates, Partnerships and Exits
  • New Client Experience
  • Case Presentation
  • Practice Management Pearls

Staff Training

Team Meetings
  • Clinical group learning
  • Practice group learning
  • Discussion tools
  • Implementation tools
Individual Clinical Development Subjects
  • Assisting
  • Hygiene
  • General clinical skills
  • Implants
  • Photography
  • And more to come in 2014

Case Assistant

Treatment Planning Tools
  • Extensive, searchable library of clinical resources
  • Extensive photo galleries include before/after and treatment process
  • Connects directly to relevant lessons from Course Library for ADA/CERP-approved CE credits
  • 5- to 7-minute quick learning video modules and slide shows for each clinical finding
  • Articles, studies, white papers and other resources relevant to each clinical finding
  • Save data for later reference
Staff Education Tools
  • Content organized by common clinical findings
  • Save data to target individual learning needs
  • Clinical photo galleries
  • Slide shows relevant to particular clinical conditions
  • 5- to 7-minute quick learning video modules
  • Connects directly to relevant lessons from Course Library
  • Articles, studies, white papers, and other resources relevant to each, clinical finding

Spear TALK

Online Community
  • Spear's new interactive peer-to-peer discussion forum
  • Post a question or weigh-in on a limitless variety of clinical and practice topics
  • Discover a wealth of advice for treating your most challenging cases
  • Connect with a supportive community of specialists and GPs

How Do I Use Spear's Digital Tools

Simply sign up, log in, engage and learn.

Course Library content is delivered via streaming video and is accessible from any Internet-enabled device with a minimum 10Mbps download speed. Use it in your office, your living room or anywhere in between. As always, we're here for technical support or recommendations to customize a learning path that's right for you.

System Requirements
  • Internet connection of at least 6Mbps
  • Internet-enabled device
  • A modern browser

Make my practice a great practice.

An annual subscription to Digital Suite includes regular updates so there is no limit to your growth.

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